Student Wellbeing


Glen Huntly

Student Wellbeing refers to a state of positive social and emotional functioning.   Wellbeing is a feature of our school where we aim to provide a safe, respectful and engaging learning environment.  The children in our care are provided with a range of opportunities to learn, practise and apply social and emotional competencies in order to enhance and support their personal and interpersonal development.


Our positive school community creates opportunities for all our students, families and staff to feel included and to belong to such a vibrant and dynamic place.

Our aim is to support our students to manage themselves as individuals and in relation to others, to understand the world in which they live and to act effectively in that world.


Curriculum content includes a focus on social skills and social and emotional wellbeing (SEL) that develop the five core competencies - self- awareness, social awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making and relationship skills.       


Program support includes:

Individual Needs

St. Anthony’s identifies and assists all students who require adjustment and/or extension support on the learning continuum.  Commitment to the individual learning needs of our students is reflected in our programs, resources and interventions which support students from Foundation to Year 6.   Specialist teachers and Learning Support Officers deliver personalised learning programs for these students.

Program Support Group Meetings (PSGs) are held once per term to enable the school and families to strengthen their partnerships in supporting the students in our care.

Program support includes:

  • MiniLit/ MultiLit

  • English Support

  • Personalised Learning Plans

  • Mathematics Intervention

  • Peaceful Kids Program


Consultants such as Speech Pathology, Psychology and School Advisors are provided through the Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM), as well as additional service provision from external support agencies.