Physical Education and Inter-school Sport

Physical Education is the process through which sport, outdoor adventure activities, dance, gymnastics, aquatics and games are used by physical education teachers to help children learn motor skills and to learn about physical fitness. The program also encourages children to be involved in and gain enjoyment from physical activities.

The acquisition of these skills will provide the children with basic skills required to participate effectively in team sports.
St. Anthony's has an Annual School Sports Day. The essence of this day is participation and enjoyment both for the children and their families.

During Terms 2 and 3 the Years 4 – 6 students participate in a weekly inter-school sports competition. The Inter-school sport programs for Year 3-6 students includes swimming, athletics, cross country, football and netball.

All students have a Physical Education lesson every week with a specialist teacher. These lessons focus on skill development in coordination, fitness and minor and major games.