At St. Anthony’s School we believe that learning experiences at all levels need to include the use of technology as an integral component.
We believe that students need to develop competence with a variety of devices (computers, laptops, iPads), have an understanding of the social effects of this technology, and appropriate those aspects of the technology which contributes to learning.

With this in mind we provide:
  • hands-on technology access for all students;
  • the integration of computers into all areas of the curriculum;
  • a dynamic, interactive learning environment enhanced by computer use.
ICT classes are taught by a specialist teacher. However, classroom teachers and other specialist staff also incorporate ICT into their day.

Features of our programme include:

  • Fortnightly ICT lessons for all children with a specialist ICT teacher
  • iPads in every classroom
  • Banks of notebook computers available to all classes
  • Computers and interactive whiteboards in every classroom
  • 1-1 laptops for Year 5/6 students
  • Computerized library