The School Advisory Team (SAT) is an advisory team made up of the Parish Priest, Fr Gregory Pritchard, the School Principal, a staff representative, PFA Representatives and elected parents of the school. The team meets each term, and discusses issues which relate to the running and the planning of the school. While decisions relating to the running of the school are the concern of the Principal and Fr Gregory Pritchard, the SAT plays an important, advisory role which will often support the decision-making process.

The SAT enhances communication and accountability, and plays a key role in keeping parish, staff and families 'on the same page'. Reports from the Chairperson of the SAT are sent home to families at least once per term. Printed on bright yellow paper, these reports are written to inform families of the outcomes of the meetings and decisions made in support of the school.

The SAT encourages input from parents through suggestions and observations which help shape our school towards the future. All input is treated with respect. Parents can contact the SAT via email or can have a chat with one of the members of the team.