Welcome to St. Anthony’s Catholic Primary School. We cater for children from Foundation (Prep) – Year 6. We foster a love for learning with a true sense of well-being. We actively strive to live out the gospel values and continually seek to be a place where every child is nurtured and encouraged to reach their full potential. We work in partnership with parents to provide a positive and vibrant learning community.

As our students grow in an ever changing world, St. Anthony’s School offers a range of programs designed to equip them with the skills and confidence to deal with their future. Children are supported in developing a love of learning, strengthening their social skills and enhancing their competencies to flourish in a global community.

St. Anthony’s School was established in 1912. It has now developed into a vibrant, Catholic school community which is rich in its diversity of cultures. The school offers modern facilities and is well resourced to provide contemporary learning experiences. Our current enrolment is 172 students across eight classrooms.