High expectations with positive attitudes lead to focused learning opportunities. At St. Anthony’s School we believe every child is an individual – each child has different interests, unique backgrounds and different learning styles.

We cater for diversity by providing learning challenges that build on children’s knowledge and experiences in a supportive and challenging environment.
We believe it is very important that all children experience success and recognition at every stage of their learning.

Learning Experiences

All teaching programs are based on the Australian and Victorian Curricula. The Standards provide the framework for fundamental knowledge and skills at all stages. This also includes the development of interpersonal skills for all children across all areas of the curriculum.

At St Anthony’s School we believe in using an inquiry approach to learning and teaching. This process enables and enhances each student's learning experience. These rich, rigorous and fulfilling experiences assist our students in developing skills to help them make sense of the world and their place in it. We aim to develop students confidence to build on their prior knowledge and experiences as they develop deeper understandings, skills, knowledge and values. We aim to develop in students an increasing repertoire of thinking strategies, skills and processes as they progress through the school with an emphasis on reflecting and acting upon their learning.

Learning and Teaching

We do this through planning rich units of work that are inquiry driven according to and integrating the Victorian Curriculum. Within this framework students have the opportunity to explore their questions and interests about concepts that can be investigated further. We emphasise the importance of open ended tasks that promote student creativity and innovation.

We believe that effective learning happens when teachers…

  • Build on the existing knowledge and experiences of students
  • Promote individual excellence and celebrate student achievement
  • Develop self esteem, independence and confidence
  • Encourage students to think, collaborate and problem solve
  • Foster each students desire for life long learning
  • Assist students to improve their learning

We believe in classroom practices that…

  • Actively include students in the planning, organising and evaluation of their own learning
  • Cater for a diversity of student learning styles
  • Assist students to progressively take responsibility for their own learning
  • Encourage student initiative, risk taking and leadership
  • Encourage student inquiry through open ended questions